How to Deal with the Old iPhone

There is always a difficult decision ahead for Apple fans when Apple release it’s a new generation of iPhone. "The old one is still performing well, but I want a new one. It is really a headache for me".  For those who are always fancy of the new one, how to deal with the old iPhone is really a headache. Maybe the simplest way is to give it away.

Give away, collect, or break it?
"I want to buy iPhone 6 for my wife. She gave me her iPhone 5s to me and I gave my iPhone 5 to my mother, and my mother gave her iPhone 4s to my father. We use them in a recyclable way. It may be a good idea." Apple fans Mr. Zhang said.
In addition to giving away, some people choose to collect their old iPhone. If you own one the first generation of iPhone, many collectors are willing to offer staggering sums to buy it. It may worth 2,000 US dollars. As you know, the price of iPhone 6 plus (64G) is only 1,149 US dollars.
Of course, you can break your old iPhone if you think it can make you take things easy. However, usually, we will sell it with old-for-new service or in second- hand.

Old-for-new service
Last year, the Apple Company pioneered the iPhone old-for-new service in America. You can get as high as 280 US dollars as a discount when you exchange your old iPhone with a new one.
Apple has its special assessment system which can work out the price of your old iPhone based on an overall consideration of various factors. Apple carried out this plan through its retailer stores to promote new iPhone's sale volume.

Trade in second hand
You can sell your iPhone in second-hand. Since iPhone can maintain its value successfully, you may get a good price if your old iPhone still looks pleased. There are many website are doing the business. You can sell your iPhone in this way with a good price hopefully. One more thing you must pay attention to is that you had better choose a website that has a good reputation to avoid some people doing illegal resell.

Backup iPhone data and delete iPhone data
Whether you want to sell your iPhone or exchange it with new one, you need to back up your data in your old iPhone and then clear them up.
1.You can back up your data with the help of iCloud/iTunes.
2.Log out your Apple ID to protect your privacy in App Store.
3.Restore to factory setting.
4.Take SIM card out or clear it up.
5.Check and ensure all the related data, such as contacts, photos, messages in your iPhone have been deleted.

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