How to Restore Contacts from iCloud

My iPhone and my son's iPhone were both under the same Apple account. After he was locked out of his iPhone, I had to restore all of my contacts registered on his iPhone. He deleted all 200 contacts from his iPhone and they were also deleted from my iPhone. Is there some way I can get them back on my phone? I tried restoring my phone but that didn't work. Please help!
When you suffer this like the user, please take it easy. If you have signed in iCloud before, you can easily restore your contacts from iCloud because iCloud saves your files automatically under Wi-Fi network. And all that you need is a software named iPhone Data Recovery - the practical and helpful software offering three ways to recover data on iPhone, which means that you can recover lost files from iPhone you're your iPhone directly or from iTunes & iCloud backup files.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and run the program
Connect your iPhone to your computer with USB. Then choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and login your Apple account.

Step 2. Scan and preview your backup
Click "Download" button to download the files you want. Then click the same button again. After that, you can scan the files and preview the data in categories.

Step 3. Restore contacts from iCloud
Click "Recover" to restore those contacts you choose to retrieve. You also can recover other data in this way, such as voice memos, messages, bookmarks, etc.

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